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Rapid Prototyping Service Bureau located in Los Angeles California offers 3D modeling services and rapid prototyping machine rentals for Greater Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

Rapid Prototyping or 3D Modeling is the process of quickly engineering prototypes or mockups of what a product system will look like. These prototypes are typically used to test the product's technical feasibility or consumer interest.


At Solid Image 3D:


  • We can produce your prototype, part or model at our facility. Any item that is designed on CAD software can be reproduced in durable ABS plastic. SERVICE/QUOTES



  • We service many industries; entertainment, medical, dental, architectural, engineering, design and much more.
  • We use Dimension Units


Technical Information

Prototyping in ABS Plastic

How does Rapid Prototyping Work?
Rapid prototyping is a technology that takes a three-dimensional computer model and builds a three dimensional part by building layers upon layer of material. Its speed and low cost allow design teams to confirm their new designs early and frequently in the process.

FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a solid-based rapid prototyping process that extrudes production-type materials, layer by layer, to build a 3D model. The build material is added to the FDM machine in a filament form contained in a cartridge. The FDM machine feeds the material from the cartridge up to a head that heats and melts the material. The head traverses in an X and Y direction and extrudes material onto a platform to create a two-dimensional cross section of the model. The material quickly solidifies, and the build platform drops where the next layer is extruded upon the first. This process continues until the 3D model is complete.FDM prototypes are high strength prototypes that are functional hands-on prototypes.

Durability of ABS
Unlike appearance-prototypes produced in weak materials, Dimension parts built in ABS (acrylic butadiene styrene) have been used for functional and field tests - from wind tunnel testing to camera mounts on a M1A Bradley tank and a spray gun running at 60 psi. Nor will ABS deteriorate in normal outdoor environments.


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